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Hello! My name is Daniel Dunn, and this is my personal website. I've been doing electronics and programming for several years, I play guitar and write songs, and I write a bit of fiction, some of which is posted on this site.

I've worked with a few Tech companies but I mostly work with artists and smaller projects. Right now I'm working on interactive scavenger hunts and low cost interactive lighting. I've taught a few classes on programming and electronics, I'm pretty good with Python and C/C++, and ok with HTML/CSS, and I know the very basics of SQL and JavaScript. I'm decent with Linux and am fairly comfortable using the command line, although I'm not much good at BASH scripting, and I have been using it full time for about 2 years, although I don't have any real experience with non-debian distros, except for messing around with OpenWRT a few times.

My first microcontroller was the PIC, and even though I work with Arduino(And occasionally some other platforms) a lot now I still prefer doing things a bit more low level and using as few parts as possible instead of just "Throwing an Arduino" at everything. But I will still usually use a microcontroller as I'm not the best with analog beyond basic op amp/comparator/transistor/filters stuff.

I also do lots of assorted random stuff, like prop building and occasional cosplay, and sometimes hunting those pesky invisible zombies... My Email, Hidden From Spammers