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The Wacker(New Dec 2016)

A new hire at the fire station is helpful in some ways and harmful in others, and the others struggle even to understand how they feel about him.

The Dark Old Windmill

A short fantasy/horror story.

Brandon's Darkroom

A scifi-fantasty story of an encounter with an alien artifact. A retelling of the classing tale of the near-death experience.
A story of a bigot changing his life.

The Mocking-Trumpet

A pair of paranormal investigators deal with their own issues as they purify a house that was tainted long ago by an abusive father and husband. Possibly NSFW as there is some strong language.

Chaos of R'lyeh

Dread Cthulhu is coming for our world! Can we stop him?

Fantasy-themed harvard-style sentences

A collection of 65 or so one sentence pieces in imitation of the Harvard sentences.


A few banners I made while testing out GIMP's new features.

Light the Wicks

A poem.

Dealing with an Invisible Zombie Problem

A short film I made of dealing with an invisible zombie that was living under my deck. They can be a major nuisiance if you let the be.


A parody off all those unsafe challenges that float around the internet.

Misc creative stuff