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My Guide to an Organized Computer: The Next Generation


After a while of using the system I previously suggested(A more detailed version of the usual "sort things by type of file", I started thinking that a project-based system might be a better idea, grouping files by WHY you have them instead of what they are.

Project folders

The basic idea of the system is to keep one or more projects folder, and in that folder, create one subfolder for each project. If a folder gets full, make a subfolder called "archive", and move some old projects there.

You will probably want more than one projects folder, for different kinds of projects. If you write, you can make a "writing" projects folder either in your home dir, or in your documents folder, or wherever really. Same goes for any other type of project

Often a project will involve multiple disciplines. A text document might involve graphic design, a video might invove writing a script, editing sound, etc. For these "big" projects, I like to have one folder right in my home directory for things that are going to involve a lot of different tasks.

The main idea though, is not to separate the sound and the script and the video just because they are different files. If they belong to the same project, I keep them together

The Pictures Folder: Not Just for Pictures?

Most digital cameras also take video. And most of them put stills and movies in the same folder. Especially If you take pictures and video of the same thing, having them in separate folders seems like an uneccesary hassle. Plus, it prevents you from simply copying your camera's entire memory into a subfolder named after the date you took the pics and videos, or the event you took them at. You'd have to copy the pictures and videos separately to two diffent locations.

I also have an art projects folder here for purely visual projects, but I do have a separate videos folder for video editing projects(I just don't use it for videos that aren't part of a project.

I also use the pictures folder for anything downloaded from the web like backgrounds

The Music folder

I used to have a separate folder for creative commons music I was planning to use for something. But I decided that it's way too complicated that way, and now I just put everything in the music folder sorted by artist.


Does anyone else wind up downloading a lot of stuff from github? Sometimes it's not something I'm about to modify right away(In which case it would be a Project), and it's not for any specific project. Maybe it's a library I might use in multiple projects, etc. If it doesn't have a specific place it should go, I have a githubclones folder for things like that


I generally keep my notes in a notes folder in my home dir, and I use SyncThing to sync it to my phone.


Any kind of PDF I find online, or anything like that goes here. If I'm writing a document that isn't part of another project, it goes here too, unless it's in the notes folder.