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Easy Vocal Remover Cable With No Active Components!

Or, Infact, no components at all besides cables and connectors :)
It is quite easy to rewire the connection between an audio output and an audio input.
in fact, we can even do this with aligator clips! See my video(I'll have it posted sometime) for a tutorial.

The reason this works is because of the way that songs are produced.
The lead vocal is usually panned to the center, with backup vocals off to the side at least a little along with insturmental parts
So when we subtract one channel from the other, the lead vocal is more or less the same in each channel.
The other parts are panned to one side or the other.
So when we take the difference, we are left with the insturments, backup vocals, and some reverb of the lead.

To do this, We just reference the ground of the speaker to one channel of the output, And we connect the two channels of the speaker to the other channel of the output.

so, ring of output to sleeve of input, tip of output to ring and tip of input.
You can also make a real soldered version of this out of a male to female adapter.
Don't expect this to be perfect, but it works.