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Epic Flavor Text Generator:

This is a little script i wrote to let you add Flavor text like:

Not long before another year comes, the harpist walks to the old temple to collect the artifact.

Not long after the wind becomes gentle, the mother and child are reunited.

When you understand the shaman's message, the past fades away forever.

Just before your dreams awaken you deep in the night, the scholar flies on the back of a dragon to the garden to speak to the artifact.

If you open your heart, the ritual begins.

As the first flowers bloom, the path is revealed.

if you put a few of them together it looks like a poem?
This program is completely free(as in freedom and as in beer) under the MIT license.
The program is written in javascript so it will work with 95% of browsers.
The current version of this is 1.0 and can be found  Here

The way the program actually works is quite similar to the game MadLibs. But instead of choosing random words, slots are filled with entire hand-written phrases.
In this way it is a compromise between complete random as in mad libs, and just choosing from a list of pre-written quotes.

Road Map:

Eventualy i may add more types of phrases, a new theme system(Old west? Sci-Fi?)