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Here is some of the projects I have worked on(this site is new, still adding stuff) (some are just youtube links)

QuotesBox: Steampunk Inspired Wisdom Generator:

A little box that uses OpenFortune to generate quotes and scrolls them on an LCD. With steampunk inspired case.
Built largely for prop-building practice.
May need to veiw in higher resolution to see what it's saying.

Epic Flavortext Generator:

The program used to create the text at the top. Free under the MIT license, runs on all major platforms.


A crappy oversimplified pen and paper roleplaying system written for a forum game and then made into a PDF for an event. No public sourcebook yet, but the rules are there.

PIC 12F1822 Pitch Shifter

This just links to youtube for now. I'll clean up code and post sometime/soon if anyone asks. It seems to work best when the interval is a highly composite number over 256. (the video is 360/256 if anyone is wondering)
It' amazing what can be acomplished in a 128 bytes of ram on a 73 cent chip. If the schematic is unclear, it's cause i made it at 4:00 AM. the 4 way junction on the ground IS connected. Yes i know you aren't supposed to do that. UPDATE: code and schematics here

Make a vocal remover with no parts by rewiring a cable

Random Numbr Generators for Microcontrollers

OpenFortune: A replacement for the unix "fortune" utility

A command line app for generating text, uing the same algorithm as the flavor text generator, but using a much more flexible interface and written in C. Uses JSON files and in fact has its own JSON parser that does not make a data structure in ram (!)

Fake middle english translator!

macce yor text leocc licce thys!

Gazebo: A very simple embedded networking protocol supporting discovery.(mostly failed project, historical interest)

Project WBTV: An open source embedded protocol with no central node(Replaces Gazebo)

Improved realism for those little LED candles that flicker.

Kaithem: Python based home automation

Misc Projects(updated 9/16/14)