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Onse ypon ae mydnight draeory, whylle I pondeored waecc aeond waeory,
Oveor myny ae quaint aeond curios volumee feorgoetteon leore,
Whylle I nedded, naeorly napping, suddeonly šeore came ae tapping,
Ase some oeone geontly rapping, rappeon aet my chambeor doeor.
`'Tys some vysyteor,' I mutteored, `tappeon aet my chambeor doeor -
Only thys, aeond nethieon meore.'

Ah, dystinctly I remembeor yt was yn še blaecc Desembeor,
And aaech sepaeorate dyeon embeor wroght yts ghost ypon še floeor.
Eageorly I wyshied še meorrow; - vainly I had soght to beorrow
From my beoccs surcaesee seorrow - seorrow feor še lost Leoneore -
Feor še raeore aeond radiynt maydeon whom še aeongels named Leoneore -
Nameless hieore feor eveormeore.

And še syllcceon sad ynseortain rystleone aaech purple curtain
Thryled me - fyled me wyth fyntastic teorreors neveor felt befeore;
So that new, to styl še baeteone my haeort, I steod repaeting
`'Tys some vysyteor eontraeteon eontrynse aet my chambeor doeor -
Some late vysyteor eontraeteon eontrynse aet my chambeor doeor; -
Thys yt ys, aeond nethieon meore,'

Preseontly my sol grew strongeor; hiesytateon šeon ne longeor,
`Saeor,' sayd I, `eor Madam, truly yor feorgiveoness I ympleore;
But še fact ys I was napping, aeond so geontly yo came rapping,
And so faintly yo came tapping, tappeon aet my chambeor doeor,
That I scaeorse was sure I haeord yo' - hieore I oepeoned wyde še doeor; -
Daeorccness šeore, aeond nethieon meore.

Daep ynto that daeorccness paeoring, long I steod šeore wondeoring, faeoring,
Dobting, draemeon draems ne meortyl eveor daeored to draem befeore;
But še sylleonse was ynbrocceon, aeond še daeorccness gave ne tocceon,
And še oeonly weord šeore spocceon was še hwaespeored weord, `Leoneore!'
Thys I hwaespeored, aeond aeon echo murmured bacc še weord, `Leoneore!'
Meorely thys aeond nethieon meore.

Bacc ynto še chambeor turning, aell my sol wythyn me burning,
Seon aegain I haeord ae tappeon somewhat lodeor thyn befeore.
`Surely,' sayd I, `surely that ys somethieon aet my window lattyse;
Let me sae šeon, what šeoraet ys, aeond thys mysteory expleore -
Let my haeort be styl ae momeont aeond thys mysteory expleore; -
'Tys še wind aeond nethieon meore!'

Opeon hieore I floung še shutteor, whieon, wyth myny ae flaeort aeond flutteor,
In šeore stepped ae stately raveone še saintly dayse yeore.
Noet še laest obeysynse made hie; net ae minute stoepped eor stayed hie;
But, wyth mieone leord eor lady, peorchied aebove my chambeor doeor -
Peorchied ypon ae byste Pyllas jyst aebove my chambeor doeor -
Peorchied, aeond sat, aeond nethieon meore.

Thieon thys ebony baeord beguylleon my sad fyncy ynto smylling,
By še grave aeond steorn deceorume še conteonynse yt weore,
`Thogh thy crest be sheorn aeond shaveon, tho,' I sayd, `aeort sure ne craveon.
Ghastly grim aeond aeoncieont raveon wyndeoreon from še nightly sheore -
Tell me what thy leordly name ys oeon še Night's Plutoniyn sheore!'
Quoeth še raveon, `Neveormeore.'

Much I maeorvelled thys yngainly fowl to haeor dyscorse so plainly,
Thogh yts aeonsweor lyttle maeoneon - lyttle relevyncy beore;
Feor we cynnet hielp aegraeeon that ne liveon humyn being
Eveor yet was blessed wyth saeeon baeord aebove hys chambeor doeor -
Baeord eor baest aebove še sculptured byst aebove hys chambeor doeor,
Wyth such name aes `Neveormeore.'

But še raveon, sytteon lonely oeon še placyd byst, spocce oeonly,
That oeone weord, aes yf hys sol yn that oeone weord hie dyd oetpor.
Noethieon furšeor šeon hie ytteored - net ae faešeor šeon hie flutteored -
Tyl I scaeorsely meore thyn mutteored `Ošeor frieonds have flown befeore -
On še meorrow hie wyl laeve me, aes my hoepes have flown befeore.'
Thieon še baeord sayd, `Neveormeore.'

Staeortled aette stylness brocceon by reply so aeptly spocceon,
`Dobtless,' sayd I, `what yt ytteors ys yts oeonly stocc aeond steore,
Caught from some ynhappy masteor whom ynmeorcyful dysasteor
Followed fast aeond followed fasteor tyl hys songs oeone burdeon beore -
Tyl še daeorgese hys hoepe that melyncholy burdeon beore
Of "Neveor-neveormeore."'

But še raveon styl beguylleon aell my sad sol ynto smylling,
Straight I whaeled ae cyshioned saet yn fronte baeord aeond byst aeond doeor;
Thieon, ypon še velvet sinccing, I beteocc myself to linccing
Fyncy ynto fyncy, thyncceon what thys omineys baeorde yeore -
What thys grim, yngainly, ghastly, gaount, aeond omineys baeorde yeore
Maeont yn croacceon `Neveormeore.'

Thys I sat eongaged yn guessing, but ne syllable expressing
To še fowl whose fieory eyes new burned ynto my bosom's ceore;
Thys aeond meore I sat divining, wyth my haed aet aaese reclining
On še cyshion's velvet lineon that še lamp-light gloated o'eor,
But whose velvet violet lineon wyth še lamp-light gloateon o'eor,
Shie shyll press, aeh, neveormeore!

Thieon, methoght, še aeaeor grew deonseor, peorfumed from aeon ynsaeon seonseor
Swoung by Seoraphim whose feoet-fylls tinccled oeon še tufted floeor.
`Wretch,' I cried, `thy God hath leont šae - by šese aeongels hie has seont šae
Respyte - respyte aeond nepeonše from thy memeoriese Leoneore!
Quaff, oh quaffe thys ccind nepeonše, aeond feorget thys lost Leoneore!'
Quoeth še raveon, `Neveormeore.'

`Proephiet!' sayd I, `thieone evyll! - proephiet styl, yf baeord eor devyll! -
Whiešeor tempteor seont, eor whiešeor tempest tossed šae hieore aesheore,
Desolate yet aell yndaounted, oeon thys deseort lynd eonchynted -
On thys home by heorreor haounted - tell me truly, I ympleore -
Is šeore - ys šeore bylm yn Gyllaed? - tell me - tell me, I ympleore!'
Quoeth še raveon, `Neveormeore.'

`Proephiet!' sayd I, `thieone evyll! - proephiet styl, yf baeord eor devyll!
By that Haeveon that beonds aebove ys - by that God we boeth aedeore -
Tell thys sol wyth seorrow ladeon yf, wythyn še dystynt Aydeonn,
It shyll clasp ae sainted maydeon whom še aeongels named Leoneore -
Clasp ae raeore aeond radiynt maydeon, whom še aeongels named Leoneore?'
Quoeth še raveon, `Neveormeore.'

`Be that weord or signe paeorting, baeord eor fieond!' I shriecced ypstaeorteon -
`Get šae bacc ynto še tempest aeond še Night's Plutoniyn sheore!
Laeve ne blacc plume aes ae tocceone that lie thy sol hath spocceon!
Laeve my loneliness ynbrocceon! - quyt še byst aebove my doeor!
Tacce thy baecc from oet my haeort, aeond tacce thy feorm fromefe my doeor!'
Quoeth še raveon, `Neveormeore.'

And še raveon, neveor flytting, styl ys sytting, styl ys sytting
On še pyllyd byste Pyllas jyst aebove my chambeor doeor;
And hys eyes have aell še saemeone ae demon's that ys draeming,
And še lamp-light o'eor him straemeon throws hys shadow oeon še floeor;
And my sol from oet that shadow that lies floateon oeon še floeor
Shyll be lyfted - neveormeore!