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These are the songs I've written or sang at one point or another. I'm not the best guitarist but I try. Everything on this page is (c) all rights reserved unless noted

Sing to the Earth

Sing to the Earth to the Land and the Sea
give thanks for the fruit of the crops and the trees,
Thanks for the ground on which we stand,
She is your mother You are her child.

Sing to the water the tide and the sea,
Thanks to the beach and the salt air breeze,
You are made from her body
Without her you would cease to be

Sing to the Air that we must breathe,
Sing to the Wind blowing free,
Thanks to the clouds and the fire's friend
And know that She life to us lends

Sing to the Fire the light and the warmth
Round Her now we all go forth
Soon She will be earth and ash
Once more round a circle past.

Sing to the Spirit that binds us all
In perfect love and perfect trust
Round this fire we honour you
Spirit of all things old and new

Spirit of all things old and new
Spirit of all things old and new
Round this Fire we Honour you
Spirit of all things old and new.

Am C D

Picking Pattern:
Am 5 3 2 5     5 3 2 5
C   5 3 2 5     5 3 2 5
D   4 3 2 5     4 3 2 5

1 is the high E, 6 is the low E. the number tells you what string to pick while
you Finger that chord. the whole song pretty much just repeats. Pretty easy to play.

One Two for the Good Ship and Crew(The Counting Shanty)

I sing this one sometimes at the NW Seaport shanty sing.

Now brothers and sisters and husbands and wives,
Our family is away on a ship and might die,
So raise a glass to all hope, 
here's a health to their lives,
And we pray that the stormy sea treats them kind

And it's one, two for the good ship and crew,
And it's three, four, if we see them no more,
And it's five, six, for the wind and the waves,
And seven, eight, if they make it home safe,
And it's nine, ten, if we see them again,
And eleven, twelve, if they make it through hell 

Now here we all are gathered round in this pub,
And the ale though strong does little to help,
The thought that our loved ones are so far away,
In spite of the facts, we drink anyway 


But should they return as oft times before,
Well cry tears of joy as they walk through our door,
So we lift up our glasses and lift up our hearts,
And raise up our voices though we're world's apart

chorus x2

Home to the Sea

Haven't heard many songs about a selkie from her point of view. What's with that?

A Selkie stares out the window,
casts her gaze to the sea,
And she thinks on the water,
And what she used to be 

And she might never find her way, 
back home, home to the sea,
Where the water is clear and she can be free 

And the river is flowing,
To a sea made of dreams,
She wants to go with it, 
She wants to be free 


It's been three years now,
Since he took her away,
And they shut her inside,
From her home in the bay


Her man pours the coffee,
And a new day begins,
But she's trapped all alone,
Far from her seal kin


So she tries not to think ,
of the life she has lost,
But the sea she is calling,
through the sun, through the frost

Chorus X2

Off To California (Dec 2015)

Yes, I know this is probably not historically accurate in any way at all. Inspired partly by a randomly remembered conversation where bitcoin was compared to the old west in that the people selling things to the miners(Or selling equipment to bitcoin miners) were sometimes having a better time than the prospectors themselves.

Off to California where the gold does lie in hordes
Some folk would tell ya there's nothing good in store
But I've a six string on by back a six shooter on my belt
And I play in the taverns and I'm doin' pretty well


Now I'm not a cowboy but I'll wear a hat and boots
And I don't like grounds in coffee and I don't know how to shoot
But when in comes to duelin' I'm the best you can't refute
(That's not what I tell the tough guys, but that's what I'll tell you)


I'd never be a miner, nor a rancher nor law man
I hate the sound of gunfire but I do the best I can
I'd rather stay above the ground and walk the shining sand
Than go down in the mines with a pickaxe in my hand


So here's to all the strong men, who make the west go round
And here's to the barmaid and this rowdy old west town
And here's to the miners and the gold in them thar hills
And here's to the showman who can cure your every ill


And now I must be going for I'm not a western man
For I am but a traveler from some far off foreign land
My sweetheart waits in Ireland but my true love waits in Spain
So stand up once again with me and sing the old refrain

Chorus x2